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It all began with an ad for a caretaker placed in a Catholic newspaper. The keen-eyed man who replied hailed from Poland and called himself Redek. With a proclaimed skill set far exceeding the requirements outlined in the black and white classified, he appealed as the perfect candidate for the job.

But shortly after moving into the ailing elderly woman's residence to perform those duties, something went terribly wrong. Reality overcame perception when what once held the promise of a match made in heaven resulted in hell on earth.

A Monday morning look into this monster's background would reveal a pattern of predatory ways, cruel intentions, criminal behaviors and evil in its truest form.

Earlier exiled from a seminary in his native land without repercussions for his actions, he fled to the States where he was harbored by a church in New Bedford, Massachusetts. When it too, fell victim to his ways, he was again freed into society where he remained on an expired visa. Pittance for which he begged from beneath the guise of a priest would keep him alive, and eventually enable him to commit some of the most barbaric acts known to mankind.

While the nation eagerly awaited the fate of this ruthless psychopathic killer, the City of Presidents was forced to marinate in the bitter irony at hand. Just steps away from where the Commonwealth's constitution was first drafted -- a document which embodied the core values and ideals of our founding fathers -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those very principles saw their greatest violation.

What the world might never know is the true number of his victims and the sheer horror they endured at the hands of this devil who enjoyed playing God.




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“Sandra Lee uncovers new secrets in the most notorious unsolved homicide in Massachusetts history: The Lady in the Dunes. The Shanty is not just a story rooted in an old mystery; Lee captures the dogged determination of the small but elite group of investigators with the Provincetown Police who went as far as to question whether Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger should be questioned as a suspect. A great read.”

   Michele McPhee, Best-selling Author and Award-winning Journalist


"Dirty Water is a supernatural crime noir that leaps off the page and grabs you by the throat. Author Sandra Lee paints a frighteningly true dreamscape where desperate acts invite dire consequences and where the secrets of the past do not remain buried for long. Once you begin reading Dirty Water, you won't be able to put it down. This is the type of thriller for which nightlights were invented." 

 - Casey Sherman, national best-selling author of The Finest Hours, Bad Blood, Search for the Strangler and Animal


"It's always fun to see new talent developing. And that's what you'll see in Sandra Lee's 'Cape 'Cod; No Place Darker'. If you're interested in what goes on in a summer place once the tourists leave, let Sandra show you. If you like vampire tales, let Sandra tell you hers. If you do, you'll be in on the start of promising story-teller's career."

- William Martin, New York Times Bestselling author of 'City of Dreams'




"Lee's 'Cape Cod; No Place Darker' gives you a real feel for being on Cape Cod."

- Joe Reardon, The Quincy Sun


"BRILLIANT! - I loved your use of food to set the stage in 'Dear Alcohol' - Brilliant!"


- Richard Williams, Author - 'Fearce & Savage Tales'


 "I read 'The Shanty; Provincetown's Lady in the Dunes' and I enjoyed it immensely. The plot was exciting and well written, and the character development was really well done. Lee, who writes in 'Capote' and 'Mailer' style should feel very, very proud of such fine work."

- Nancy Harris - The Boston Globe